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Who am I? Agon agontfHi Previously a TFT streamer, but now I mainly manage merch and sell my own! You'll find me and random articles on plushies and merch here!

Discord and socials: agontfHi

Terms of use: Can be found at agontfHi

Cancellations: Orders cannot be altered once shipped. Addresses should be in English. agontfConcern

Refunds: No refunds or exchanges aside from damaged/missing items. Email to initiate a request. Requests can only be made within 90 days of purchase date. I offer customer support on all my items but no warranties or guarantees. agontfConcern

Shipping: Ships from New Jersey, USA. Domestically may be a week, internationally over a month. Do not trust the shipping time shown. agontfConcern

Customs Clearance: Customs clearance is not covered aside from the duties paid option.  agontfConcern

Not available in my country: DM me if you're from the EU or South Africa agontfConcern

Does plushie/slippers come with any accessories or custom packaging?agontfConcern It comes in a plastic bag, that's about it.

Manufactured? China agontfSure

Can I buy bulk? Bulk starts at 5+ (of the same item) but won't do much of a discount until 10+. Message me for more info. agontfConcern

Giveaways: Won merchandise must be claimed before stock runs out. Everything to ship it will be covered, however customs clearance will not be (if needed, varies by country). If not stated giveaways on twitter are run for 24-48 hours and winners are picked randomly through app. agontfGift

Where'd those League Partner codes come from? agontfGift

Any other merch? Join my discord and follow me on twitter for more updates. agontfSure

What if I have other questions? DM me on discord (Agon #4703) or email me at agontfSure